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Psychogeographic map of Mobility, by Moritz Ahlert

DJ, 03/01 / 2018- MON  03/17/2018GOETHE-INSTITUT BARCELONA

The PSYCHOGEOGRAPHIC MAP of MOBILITY of Moritz Ahlert is a hybrid of participatory urban research, artistic intervention and a performative project. During this three-year residence in the Jiwar project, the physical and social boundaries of the urban landscape of Gràcia are mapped critically. Together with the participants, the space borders are explored in collective “derives”, in the form of a situacionist divagation in the urban space, and they are described collectively and subjectively to a participatory map. The objective of this situational methodology is to understand from within social changes in Gràcia and its surroundings. The project will consist of:

1. COLLECTIVE DERIVES The situacionist notion of leaving itself leads leads from juggling to a new perception of the urban space. Each participant can decide spontaneously in which direction will take the drift. In formats of different duration, from 3 to 6 hours, freedom of movement is tested in a city crossed by internal and external borders. We will carry out three times the urban drift workshop, in groups of around 10 people. The body, our most intimate barricade, regains its expansive potential. Retrieve space, breathe freely while walking, and negotiate your desires in interaction with others. These on-site activities will be the basis of the following two parts of the project.

2. PARTICIPATORY MAP OF PLATFORM During the workshops of playful, interactive and collective maps maps of invisible or hidden mobility phenomena of the neighborhood of Gràcia will be drawn. The basis for the investigation of the map, the COLLECTIVE DERIVES, increases the perception of the urban fabric, and with the practical contribution of the artist, a critical cartography is generated. The participatory online platform, developed along with Alsino Skowronnek (a Berlin-based critical mapping activist), works as a live online space archive, visualizing a collective and unconscious perspective of the neighborhood. The approach lies in these three issues: social mobility (eg gentrification / migration), mobility of the economy (for example, tourism / money circulation), virtual mobility (for example, protest / dreams).

3. CONFERENCE at the Goethe-Institut Barcelona, ​​at 07:00 p.m. 01.03.2018: “The new power of digital maps (WT)” and presentation of the PARTICIPATORY MAP OF PLATFORM, Duration 45 minutes. In English.

COLLECTIVE DERIVER PLAN You must register * WHAT DOES YOU NEED: comfortable footwear, the MP3 file sent to you in advance, either on your phone or your MP3 player; headphones, paper or notebook, pencil.

COLLECTIVE DERIVATION 1 (3 h) Meeting point in Jiwar – Time: 17h – Date: Monday 05.03.2018 Open point of entry COLLECTIVE DERIVATION

2 (4 h) Meeting point at Jiwar – Time: 19h – Date : Friday 09.03.2018 Open point of

entry COLLECTIVE DERIVATION 3 (6 h) Meeting point in Jiwar – Time: 10h – Date: Saturday 17.03.2018 Opening point open

With the collaboration of Goethe-institution Barcelona     



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